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A Professional Toastmaster is employed to ensure the Bride and Bridegroom, Best Man, and Parents can relax and enjoy this memorable day without concern for the order and timing of events.

Using his or her experience and professional manner, the Toastmaster co-ordinates events to guarantee your special day unfolds just as you planned. He or she will create a friendly atmosphere which is as formal or informal as you wish, will reassure the nervous and add an extra touch of colour and sparkle to make your day even more special.

By supporting the wedding party, chefs, caterers, photographers and musicians alike, a Toastmaster will ensure everyone gives their best performance.

The services I provide as a Wedding Toastmaster:


  • Advise on wedding etiquette and customs during the planning stage.


  •  I will be able to offer advice and guidance so you get the best from your day, avoid easily made mistakes or assumptions and highlight things you may not have thought about. This will include a list of all the important timings needed to ensure everything runs smoothly.


  •  I will liaise with your venue, caterers, entertainers, photographer and other main service providers so they know the day’s plans.


  •  I will keep in touch with you so that we can make any necessary amendments or inclusions to the plan; some things are likely to change or need clarification. You will always have the final say.


  •  Arrive at the venue at least an hour in advance of proceedings to ensure everything is in place for your arrival.


  •  Meet with you on your arrival to verify the plans for the day.


  •  Greet guests on their arrival and brief them as to the day’s events.


  •  Liaise with Registrars etc., where appropriate, and give them help and information on your behalf.


  •  Escort you both (and the wedding party) to the your pre-ceremony interviews, and then to the ceremony itself, where appropriate.


  •  Assist the photographer after the ceremony in getting you and your guests into position for those important shots.

  •  Organise the Receiving Line where required and move your guests through to the Wedding Breakfast.


  •  Announce the Bride and Bridegroom and escort them to their table.


  •  Say Grace if required.


  •  Ensure gifts / flowers are available for presenting at the correct times.


  •  Organise the circulation of the Guest Book.


  •  Introduce the speakers for the customary toasts and responses.


  • Announce & supervise the cutting of the Wedding Cake.


  •  Remind guests, at the conclusion of the meal, of any further arrangements for the day/evening.


  •  Liaise with the band or disco as to the setting up of the equipment


  • Announce your first dance & the throwing of the bouquet if required.


  •  I will be available to help you, the rest of the main wedding party, guests and other service providers with any problems or concerns that may arise.

    Please contact me to discuss arrangements for your  most perfect and memorable Wedding.

    Any faith or culture or Civil Ceremony throughout Plymouth, Devon, Southwest, UK and abroad.

Boringdon Hall Toastmaster
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